Permaculture Design Deck

7 Ways to Think Differently Cards

Permaculturing our life and livelihood, land, relationships and projects of passion can help us to save time, energy and money while living in deeper alignment with our values. This visionary permaculture card deck can support you to break through into the next level of your life design. Inspired from the work of visionary Looby Macnamara and her brilliant synthesis of permaculture principles, strategies and methods into 7 Ways to Think Differently. I highly recommend her books, classes and many offerings to take your life to the next level. 

Free, Open Source Permaculture Learning and Teaching Tool. 


Created as part of a Permaculture Design Diploma with the Permaculture Association under the Tutoring of Looby Macnamara.


Source : Looby Macnamara

Envoy : Delvin Solkinson 

Art : Brenna Quinlan

Design : Alexa Spaddy

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By CoSM Chapel of Sacred Mirrors & Delvin Solkinson

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