Permaculture Pathways :

Designing a Future for Eco-Education


October 2 

7 - 10

The Birdhouse, City of Angels


Extraordinary encounters with ordinary life are at core of Permaculture Design, a post-paradigm initiated by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren in the 1970’s. A wing of the movement to #saveplanetearth, Permaculture Design has taken on a life of its own in offering effective, efficient, ethical and ecological solutions to pressing planetary concerns from the local to the global. 


Nature is an oracle capable of informing our design process. Using the lessons of nature, we can move forward into new ways of living and working on planet Earth. Education is at the heart of evolution requiring a lot of our design attention during this big transition for our culture and civilization. 


Delvin has spent 17 years travelling the planet to study from Pioneers of Permaculture at some of the best and oldest permaculture gardens, homesteads, farms and eco villages. Since Winter Solstice 2012, under the guidance and mentorship of Larry Santoyo, he has been blazing a new trail with an experimental pilot project Doctoral Degree. This non-accredited learning path is intended to use permaculture to unlock new possibilities for the future of education. 


Join us for an unforgettable evening with creative and liked minded people to share in a final Doctoral presentation followed by an interactive discussion. What is Permaculture Design and how can it be shared with others in an experiential and transformative way? 


Very limited space. Pre-registration required.  Email to register.


This event is offered freely. Light snacks and drinks will be provided. 


Part think-tank and arts lab, part urban greening experiment and sustainable land use model, the BirdHouse is born out of cooperative intentions, all circling around the question: What does it take to live a life that the planet Earth now demands?


The Permaculture Academy aims to train the next generation of thought leaders that will steward systems that are regenerative and environmentally, socially, and economy sustainable. 


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