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“The core of permaculture is design and the working relationships and connections between all things.”

- Bill Mollison

Permaculture Design Elements Game


Sharing over 170 cards featuring elements commonly found in permaculture gardens, farms, homesteads and urban spaces. 

Download 2021 edition at printable resolution in black and white for free above.

Limited and numbered printed 2021 edition of 222 in beautiful cardboard box.

Printable basemap game boards feature 8 different sites from cool climate, tropics and drylands. 

Players are encouraged to make their own basemap game board for where they are developing a permaculture system. Downloads below. 


Learn and practice permaculture design in a fun & creative way with people of all ages and experience levels. 


This toolkit is perfect for students and teachers, designers, consultants and educators. 


Watercolour Illustrations : Brenna Quinlan⠀

Pen & Ink Sketches : Ben Tour

Paintings : Martin Bridge

Design : Alexa Spaddy⠀

Envoy : Delvin & Grace Solkinson 

Inspired by a game learned from Michael Becker.

Features Translation from permaculture allies: 

Spanish Translation : Aline Van Moerbeke

Portuguese & Italian Translation : Jorge Barbosa

German Translation : Claudia Dörr Proyecto Las Acacias

French Translation : Arnaud Fâche 

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